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BITMAIN ANTMINER T17, SHA-256, Establish your mining presence.

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Antminer T17  specifications






Product model

T17 (240-Aa SHA256/BTC/BCH)



40 TH/S


Power consumption

2200 W


Power efficiency on the wall @25°C

55 J/TH


Network connection mode


Product dimensions

298.2mm*178.0mm*296.6mm (9.73 kg)



(1-1)       Min condition: 25°C, min J/TH, typical Hashrate.

               Max condition: 40°C, max J/TH, max Hashrate.

(1-2)      Caution: Wrong input voltage may probably cause miner damaged.

(1-3)      Typ condition: min reference power, typical AC input voltage.

              Max condition: max reference power, min AC input voltage.

(2-1)      Including PSU size.

(2-2)      Including PSU weight.

(2-3)      Max condition: Fan is under max RPM(rotation per minute).

The Antminer T17 comes with power supply included.
The power supply doesn’t come with a power cord. Please find two powercords with at least 10A from your local market.
Please kindly note that the required input voltage for T17 is 220V.
The shipping costs for this unit is €25,- in the EU zone and €35,- for shipping outside the EU zone.

New Generation Cutting Edge Technology

Equipped with Bitmain’s 2nd Generation 7nm chip process and utilizing the world’s leading TSMC FinFET technology. Global optimization is achieved through an enhanced chip performance improving computational performance.

Hashing Power of max 40 TH/s

The T17’s optimized structure delivers a continues amount of improved hashing power achieving new heights.

Dual Tube Heat Dissipation Technology

Adopting the new heat dissipation structure, the dual tube design is applied to reduce wind resistance.
The space between the air inlet to the air outlet has been reduced by 50%, improving heat dissipation which further enhances the long-term operation of the miner and reduce maintenance costs for users.

Further Energy Savings

New generation chip pursues deeper improvements on power efficiency achieving 55 J/TH, generating more income to miners.

An Entirely New Design, Added Safety

A new generation design, effectively prevents dust and improves the stability and safety of the miner.

Improved Efficiency. Stable Operation

The new APW9 power supply ensures miners a stable operation, saving electricity costs.

Antminer T17

Antminer T17 back side

Antminer T17 front

Antminer T17 back

Antminer T17 side