ASIC mining containers

Is it time to scale-up your crypto mining farm?

Crypto shipping containers or mining containers are the ultimate modular turn-key solution for those who seek to rapidly scale the capacity of their mining farm.

Our partner Kontena, can design and build mining containers for both ASIC miners and GPU mining rigs. Premium quality, easy to deploy and fully customizable. Smart miners mine in crypto mining containers.

Fully customized mining containers. Up to 700kW. Park it, plug it and start mining.

For questions please contact:

Plug-and-play setup
Production time: 5-10 weeks
Shipping: Anywhere in the world
Size: 2.43 x 2.59 x 6.06 m (regular 20ft DC shipping container)

What’s included

  • up to 700kW (1000A, 400V)
  • Adjustable shelves to fit almost any miner form factor (e.g. 300 S9, 160 S19, 256 Z15..)
  • Standard containers are supplied with 16 PDU’s (PDR-63) with 240V C19 plugs
  • Clean and easy to use cable management
  • Large cold air inlet, hot air outlet
  • Big G4/M7 air filtration section with panel filters
  • High quality A-grade electrical components and power cabinet
  • Cold/warm isle separation
  • CSC sea freight certified
  • Price: € 44.900,- (VAT not included)
  • For custom configuration ask for quote.


  • monitoring – climate, security
  • network equipment
  • locking solutions (standard or digital)
  • climate options for hot / cold temperatures
  • branding -tag it with your logo and design
  • electrical upgrades
  • acoustic solutions
  • smart PDU’s
  • different container sizes (8ft, 10ft, 12ft, >20ft)