ASIC mining containers

Fully customized mining containers. Up to 650kW. Park it, plug it and start mining.

For questions please contact:

Plug-and-play setup
Production time: 10 weeks
Shipping: Anywhere in the world
Size: regular 20ft or 40ft ISO shipping container

What’s included

  • up to 700kW (1000A, 400V)
  • Adjustable shelves to fit almost any miner form factor (e.g. 300 S9, 176 S19, 256 Z15..)
  • Standard containers are supplied with 16 PDU’s (PDR-63) with 240V C19 plugs
  • Clean and easy to use cable management
  • Large cold air inlet, hot air outlet
  • Big G4/M7 air filtration section with panel filters
  • High quality A-grade electrical components and power cabinet
  • Cold/warm isle separation
  • CSC sea freight certified
  • Price: € 43.900,- (VAT not included)
  • For custom configuration ask for quote.



  • Monitoring (airflow, temperature, motion, access…)
  • Power metering and remote switching per miner
  • Integrated network equipment (switching, firewall, LTE…)
  • IP Camera’s
  • Locks (NFC or container block lock)