Hosting Solutions

We are happy to inform you that we can now offer you hosting solutions at very attractive conditions!
Located in Norway and Sweden we offer you space in a professional customised data center.

Please note you will receive discount on the purchase of your hardware if you combine it with hosting!

For questions please contact:

Very low costs

Benefit from our very low green european energy costs, cool climate, strong legal frame work.

Electricity consumption

ASIC Miner:
Fixed rate starting at €0.14 per kWh until 500 Kwh.

Services included free of charge

Paid services

  • Remote hands (e.g. physical examination of a miner) (starting from € 15.00)
  • Replacement of defective miners, power supplies or components (hourly based) or cleaning miners
  • Configuration or assembly of your miners
  • Management of your miners

Full hardware ownership, meaning:

  • Benefit from potential tax write-offs
  • The hardware remains your properiety at all times!
  • Get discount on purchasing hardware in combination with hosting

Receive 100% of your coins mined

  • We never touch your coins. Your hardware mines directly into your wallet

Note: Hosting offer is only valid in combination with purchase of hardware directly from our shop!