No, because Bitmain offers no official resell opportunities at all. But with the permission of Bitmain we have been re-selling Antminer products successfully for more than four years now. Therefore we have a good relationship with the manufacturer Bitmain. You can check our reviews on facebook or request for recommendations from current customers. You can also check our registration number at the Dutch Chambre of commerce. (KvK) Besides that we have a valid EU company VAT number.
No, we only sell our products from www.antminerdistribution.com. Please do not place your order at another website claiming to be an official Antminer Distribution EU company or representative. We are not responsible for such purchases. We have no relation with these websites and only sell products from www.antminerdistribution.com.
When a product is available you can easily place your order by the order form online. After confirming your order you will receive an official invoice with payment instructions. When payment is made in time your order is final. If we can not process your order you will receive an email notification.
Please subscribe to our newsletter. This way you will automatically receive an email when a product is available again.
We ship directly from the Netherlands (EU). This means if you order from inside EU zone there will be no additional customs or import duties. If you place your order from outside EU zone please notice you'll have to pay customs and import duties on delivery. In that situation please consult your local authorities.
If you place your order from inside EU zone as private customer you'll be invoiced VAT included. If you place your order from inside EU zone as business customer with EU company VAT number we can deduct VAT on your invoice (0%). All orders placed from outside EU zone are invoiced VAT excluded. In that situation the VAT will be charged on delivery.
We ship out all orders from our partner distribution center. Shipping within the EU zone takes about 3-6 days depending on your country. The average costs are about €25,- per unit. Shipping outside the EU zone takes about 7-14 days depending on your country. The average costs are about €40,- per unit. We ship by DPD, UPS and PostNL.
We offer two years full warranty to all private customers. We offer one year full warranty to all business customers. For more detailed info please check our terms and conditions subject 7.
Please consult our customer support for help and assistance. If a product needs to be repaired we will provide you with the information. You'll get instructions on how to send back your faulty part or unit to our office. We'll arrange repairs and replacement. Please notice we only offer this service for customers who purchased their products directly from our company.
Lately we only sell limited units per customer/order. This way we can supply more customers. For each batch we will communicate how many units you can order max. Sometimes we also sell multiple units at the super sale section. For bulk requests we advise you to contact the manufacturer Bitmain directly.
We always accept payment by safe IBAN banktransfer. But you can also use Skrill to pay for your order. Besides that you can currently make payment in bitcoins and in bitcoin cash.